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Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

TUTORIAL: Sketchbook


 You can check the orientation of the fibre in industrial paper by folding the paper or tearing it into parts. Parallel to the orientation of the fibre the paper will fold easily or get into parts smoothly. Perhaps you have already experienced that by tearing an article of a newspaper. The orientation of the fibre should be parallel to the spine of the book, especially if you want to use watercolours. In handmade paper the fibres are usually not orientated.

  1. Orientation of the fibre. 
  2. Fold your sheet once.
  3. Cut the paper with a knife where you have folded it not till the centre but a little bit more.
  4. Fold the sheet once more (it will be much easier after having been cut).
  5. Repeat step 1-4 with all your sheets.


  1. Measure the dimensions of your sheet. 
  2. Cut the cardboard (CB).


  1. Mark the edges (5 cm around) with a pencil and then mark the lines on the cardboard with an empty ballpen or the bone folder.
  2. Fold the cardboard, smooth the folding by using the bone folder and reopen the edges.
  3. Cut the corners (a little (!) bit more than 90°)
  4. Fold one corner and mark two points with the awl or the needle. The points mark the third part of the diagonal line. Be careful not to mark the right side of your cover. You may put three of the pieces you cut before beneath the folded edges.
  5. In the A-side cut the part of the line outside the two points, in the B-side cut the part between the two marked points.
  6. Cut the two inner corners of the triangle of the A-side just a little.
  7. Fold the corner of the A-triangle: Fold the two edges to the center (first the B-side (1), then the A-side on top(2)) and then tuck the folded A-triangle into the cut of the B-side (3). Afterwards you open the folded corners of the A-triangle with the awl, the needle or the bone folder - try what suits you best. Smooth the folding with the bone folder.
  8. Do the same with the remaining three corners.
  9. Mark the middle of the cover on the left side with the bone folder or the empty ballpen, fold and smooth the folding with the bone folder.
  10. No you cna pesonalize the cover ... decorate with your logo, photos, sketches, sew the edges or whatever you like.
  11. Adjust your paper within your cover and make three holes with the awl/needle through the paper and the cover: two 1,5 cm from the boarder and the third one in the middle. If you close the sketchbook about 45° you'll ensure that you'll make the holes exactly in the fold (see IV,1)


  1. Making the holes.
  2. Sew your sketchbook beginning inside and make a square knot in the center.
THAT'S IT! Hope you've enjoyed making this sketchbook.
If you have any suggestions or questions - I would appreciate your comments! 


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  2. Si no te sale quedamos y te doy una clase particular XD Pero no es nada difícil!

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